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Facebook "f" logoA couple of weeks ago I was given the task of linking up a client’s website with their Facebook page. Where I would normally integrate the Facebook Like button this didn’t fit the bill and instead what was required was a graphic along the lines of “Find us on Facebook” linking through to their page.

I thought there might be an out of the box solution available from Facebook considering the amount of widgets and buttons they have on offer but unfortunately such a thing doesn’t seem to exist.

So began the search for the Facebook logo and brand guidelines. It took a while longer than I thought and when I eventually found the Facebook Brand Permissions Centre I was surprised to find more rules and guidelines than I expected. I guess that’s down to having seen so many unsexy “customised” versions of their trademarks and buttons all over the web.

You can download the various forms of the branding in a range of formats including EPS, JPG, PNG and PDF all except the main Facebook logo itself for which you must fill out a permissions request form. If you wish to use any of the trademarks or logos for broadcast you must request permission in the same way also.

Requests for Facebook integration of all sorts is only going to increase as businesses start to dip their toes into the world of Facebook Pages for promotion and reaching out to new and existing customers so here’s a few links that might come in handy for doing so:

You might want to keep with the style of the logo when making a button. The font used in the Facebook logo is apparently a modified version of Klavika but I have found that DIN is not a bad match either.

Happy liking!

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